New HQ DKNY Advert of Ashley for Spring 2012

9. března 2012 v 17:12 | Tanya |  Photoshoots
Opäť nová fotka pre DKNY. Dokonalá!

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"I just wanted to come out, obviously, and do well and not make any mistakes," Hayne said. "That was probably the biggest thing."
Before spending the past 2 1/2 seasons with Luck in Indy, Hamilton spent two of his three seasons as a Stanford assistant working with Luck.
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Del Rio has been defensive coordinator in Denver for the past three seasons, helping the Broncos win three straight AFC West titles.
For St. Louis, rookie RB Todd Gurley has rushed for 433 yards, averaging 144.3 per game, in his first three career starts. He leads the NFL with three rushes for 45 or more yards. And the Rams are tied for the NFC lead with 23 sacks; the Niners have allowed 25.

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RENTON, Wash. (AP) 锟?Of all the issues that cropped up during the Seattle Seahawks' 4-4 start, their inability to score touchdowns in the red zone ranked near the top.
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Most of these guys will never play a down in the NFL. In fact, most of them will be memories once the weekend is over, cast aside after unsuccessful tryouts.
All that work paid dividends on the scale, too.

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"I just love playing, I love playing ball," Welker said. "I feel like I can still play at a really high level. I kind of went into this offseason not knowing what I was going to do and started training and really saw I still had it."
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Williams earned a second nomination as best female tennis player.

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